time has little relevance in the creation of a shigeru piano. there is no rush to completion. no pressure to perform, no demanding deadlines.

Each artisan understands that the ultimate priority is perfection. This explains why every element of the crafting process is three to five times longer, and why the Shigeru workshop is a place of unruffled focus and serenity. If there is an underlying secret behind the resonant song of the Shigeru grand piano, it is this tranquil place of origin where heart, mind and spirit are given the time to breathe and the freedom to soar.

the ability to select the right wood, the kind that can speak fluently in every dialect of emotion from fiery fervour to gentle whispers of tone, is an art in itself.

Whether it is select spruce for the soundboard, premium mahogany for the hammers, or choice maple for the bridge, the material chosen for every distinct part of a world-class piano must be perfect for the task. Shigeru craftsmen have spent decades refining this uncommon ability to discern between the satisfactory and the sublime. It is this venerable wisdom, this intuition, that one can hear and feel in every note of a Shigeru piano.

true artistry can never stop striving. by its own nature, it must continually advance and evolve. that has always been its path to greatness.

While our time-honoured methods of origin are diligently and reverently applied, Shigeru artisans embrace every modern method for perfecting the art of the piano. Our anechoic chamber enables the comprehensive analysis of pure tone. Advanced materials enhance stability and consistency of touch. Digital design tools optimise the construction and performance of every component part.

In the world of pianos, it is not enough to revel in the past. True to its own nature, the Shigeru piano is the epitome of progress and a vision of the future.